How much do Accountants or Bookkeepers charge?

This is a question that is often asked and there is no specific answer; much will depend on the services they provide, their level of experience and qualification and whether they price by the hour or fixed packages.

When I set up my bookkeeping practice, I had many similar questions in my mind, mostly around areas such as sales and marketing and whether I should pay others to help me.

I know that outsourcing adds value to a business and experts in their own field work much quicker and get more pleasure from what they do, leaving me to do what I love, adding value to other small businesses. HOWEVER, I also recognised that having a new start-up business, few clients and low turnover, signing myself up to a monthly package was not an option, however much I knew it could help me longer term. Paying by the hour seemed easier but left me wondering exactly how much the bill might be at the end of the month and again this is not easy to balance on a small income.

It was then that I realised the best way for me to help start-ups and small businesses to grow was to offer something different, a unique way for small businesses to build, knowing their books are being cared for from the start but without the worry of expensive bills and growing together was born.

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